• York S1-TBSU32P7Y Commercial
  • LX Series Digital Thermostat
  • Switchable: Programmable or Non-Programmable
  • Choose 7-day, 5/1/1 day or 1-day programming
  • Up to 4 heat & 2 cool stages
  • Gas, Electric or heat pump control
  • Scrolling display instructions
  • Display can show name, phone and alerts
  • Adjustable timers
  • Choice of English, Spanish, or French for scrolling display

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The LX series of commercial thermostats can meet all your HVAC control needs from large multi-stage Gas Electric package units to small Heat-Pumps and air handlers. Its universal connections are a perfect fit for any commercial HVAC application. Three built-in password-protected security levels and optional locking covers are available for higher grades of protection. With the optional locking cover in place, all advanced buttons can be secured under the cover giving the end-user only limited operation by 3 simple buttons temperature up, temperature down, and override. Under the front cover, users will find more options for complete comfort and control. From here you can access the Fan, Program, and Outdoor temperature buttons. Additional advanced options and setup buttons are discreetly located under a concealed drop-down door. A random start feature is included to help keep the building owners’ peak usage low on equipment start-up, dry contact closures, or after a power failure. In the deluxe version of the LX’s thermostat, you can also average with up to 9 indoor remote sensors and have an “econ” terminal that will energize any time the LX thermostat is in the occupied mode.  All commercial LX thermostats offer simple as you want operation and a bi-color LED to indicate a cooling or heating demand. They also come switchable from auto-changeover to non-auto changeover, heat only or cool only. This intuitive design is a leader in the industry. Its features and pricing cannot be beaten.

Other features include: adjustable dead bands between stages, outdoor sensor ready with high/low readouts for the day, smart fan, setpoint limiting, bi-color LED indicates a cooling or heating demand, dry contact equipped, backlit display, compatible with condensate overflow warning systems – lock compressor out with display message, accepts USB programmer, RF temp. sensors, Comfort Call and Add-A-Wireless thermostat accessories, wall plate & lock ring available.

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